About Andreas Linde

Twitter: TheRealKerni

Microsoft acquired HockeyApp. Now working at Microsoft as a Product Manager for mobile apps Crash Reporting.

Co-developed Hockeyapp for Mac (previously HockeyCoach), a macOS desktop application to upload builds to HockeyApp, Integrate the HockeyApp SDK using a Wizard, and viewing crash reports with the actual source code embedded (previously available in the standalone app HockeyCoach for Mac).

Developed and designed HockeyCoach for Mac, an app to view crash reports with the actual source code of the apps embedded in the crash reports by accessing the local git repositories and using the actual git commit that was used to build the app version that crashes.

Presented 4 years in the AppStore at 360iDev conference in Denver.

Presented App Testing Without Fear at 360iDev conference in Denver.

Co-Founded HockeyApp, a service for app developers to collect crash reports, share test versions, and communicate with the users of their apps. Based on the experience from HockeyKit & QuincyKit.

Main developer of the HockeyApp SDKs for iOS and macOS, as well as the high performance symbolication backend to provide highly accurate symbolicated Apple crash reports.

Created HockeyKit, a SDK & backend and frontend to easily share test versions of iOS apps. This was needed for my own iOS apps to simplify distribution of new test versions. It features a simplistic purely file oriented backend written in PHP and an iOS SDK that allows to notify the user for updates inside the app and install those also right from there. Videos demonstrating the features are available on Youtube:

  • HockeyKit iOS client V2
  • Hockey - The iOS Ad-Hoc updater
  • Update iOS beta apps from within the app

    • 2009
      Created QuincyKit, a SDK & PHP based backend and frontend to collect & symbolicate Apple crash reports. The SDK uses PLCrashReporter to collect the crash reports and sends them to the backend where they get symoblicated and grouped. Symbolication is done on macOS by downloading new reports, symbolicating them using the Xcode tools and uploading them again to get the re-grouped. This project help a lot to get my iOS app WorldView mostly crash free over the years.

      Created the iOS WorldView apps, which allows a user to view webcams from all around the world including maps location, weather & forecasts, and Wikipedia entries of the webcams location. The app was overall number 1 free app in multiple countries around Europe and reached the overall top 10 paid apps in multiple countries. Videos demonstrating the features are available on Youtube:

      Created the iOS Locations for iOS 1.x before Apple provided a public API and AppStore, which allowed a user to view webcams from all around the world. A Video demonstrating the features is available on Youtube: Locations Version 0.2.0

      Co-created, designed, and maintained the website OS2.org, the by then biggest website worldwide about the operation system OS/2. It featured a custom content management system, a discussion forum, Rexx scripts for automatically searching for new device drivers for multiple hardware devices, and many more things. I was responsible for the website until 2002. The website was running with the same backend until 2013 by the successor team. It was later replaced by a forum system.

      Co-created the website for the city of Endingen including a custom content management system. The website and the backend was for running for 10 years until 2008.